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I'm an over-acheiving woman...a coach, wife, mother, teacher, innovator, get the idea!


Donna Steinhorn, Coaching To Success founder [], is a Life, Executive and Business Coach. She is the co-founder of the Association for Coaching Excellence and the former Executive Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer of and Director of the Schools of Coachville.. She lives near the beach in New Jersey, where work and play combine in endless delightful ways. Married to Michael for thirty-two years, they have two absolutely amazing grown children, and a quirky Dalmatian.

With her coaching clients, multiple projects and a family, she has learned how important it is to embrace change and create inspiring, sustainable environments for success, and Donna brings that expertise to her clients with humor and a unique point of view that has earned her the “title” of Bottom Line Visionary.

Prior to becoming a coach, Donna held several positions in the fashion industry and corporate sector as Director of Corporate Communications, HRD/Training Manager, and Sales Promotion Director, and has sat on several non-profit Boards of Directors as well. Donna is the co-founder of eWI2T (Entrepreneurial Women Influencing Innovative Tomorrows) an organization for high achieving women.


weblogs (of course!), science fiction, mysteries, beading, cookbooks, quirky things, Woody Allen, independent films, knowledge, innovation, creativity, Catwoman, Wonder Woman